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Reasons why you should use Reminiscence activities:

“Group reminiscence therapy significantly improved self-esteem, and the effects on depression and life satisfaction were positive.” The Effects of Group Reminiscence Therapy on Depression, Self Esteem, and Life Satisfaction of Elderly Nursing Home Residents; Nursing Research Vol. 14, No. 1, 2006 Shu-Yuan Chao et al.


“Reminiscence therapy improved socialization, induced feelings of accomplishment in participants and helped improve their moods.” The effects of reminiscence therapy on psychological well-being, depression, and loneliness among the institutionalized aged; International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry (2010) Volume: 25, Issue: 4


“Our study showed that reminiscence activities helped nursing staff feel more satisfied with their professional roles. Their view of the residents and their work environment also changed positively. Reminiscence activities helped staff see the residents in a more personal light, and appreciated their previous life experiences, resulting to regular and enjoyable interaction.” Consequences from use of reminiscence - a randomised intervention study in ten Danish nursing homes, BMC Geriatrics


“Study findings suggest that a reminiscence therapy was an effective treatment in reducing symptoms of depression among elderly women.” Reminiscence therapy for older women with depression, Effects of nursing intervention classification in assisted-living long-term care; Journal of Gerontological Nursing (2003)


9 Reasons why you should order our reminiscence activity pack:

  1. It has been thoroughly tested in over 400 nursing homes in the UK to ensure its quality
  2. It’s prepared by reminiscence experts, especially to work with early to mid-stage dementia
  3. It’s designed for activities’ co-ordinator and all care staff, and includes questions to help them engage with participants
  4. It covers the last 70 years of British history, so you’ll not run out of topics to talk about
  5. You’re not tied up to a monthly subscription fee. You only buy when you need them.
  6. It is easily accessible through downloads
  7. You can print unlimited amount of copies to distribute to your residents
  8. You can use it to meet the new CQC standards in activity provision
  9. It’s inexpensive

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